Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beating Cancer by Don Porter

Don - Beat Stage IV metasticised prostate Cancer

by Don Porter
(Sarasota, FL)

To: Whom it may concern: April 2011

In connection with my, & ESH’s “broad, in-depth & extended” experiences with Stage IV Metastasized Prostate Cancer & all related cancers, we hereby confirm the following:
• I am not a Dr. I am not giving medical advice, rather simply outlining my personal experiences for the past 4+ years along with what I have extensively read & studied.
• I, DJP, was diagnosed in April 2007 by MD’s @ the VA Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL with Stage IV Metastasized Prostate Cancer. My PSA @ the time was 39.6. I was told that I could possibly live 3- 6 years “IF” I sought “all available” treatments, (including medical system chemo, radiation, drugs, etc.).
• I, along with ESH, chose to ignore Chemo & Radiation & instead proceeded to engage in an Alternative approach to beating my dangerously advanced metastasized Stage IV cancer issue. We beat it& relied on my Immune System. So can YOU ! I DID NOT take any type of Chemotherapy or Radiation
• I retained many of the top experts in the world in Diet, Nutrition & related matters.
• I successfully stabilized & eliminated my advanced/metastasized Prostate Cancer.
• Basically I was on various elements of a strict Plant Based Diet, & still am 4+ years later.
• My Due Diligence (investigations) were & continue to be, “EXTENSIVE”, approaching a daily average of 5+ hours. I was focused entirely on the diet approach to beating cancer. 40+ years in the Investment Banking area provided me with a trained highly sophisticated, & in-depth capability, to determine the most effective & efficient methods for beating serious cancer issues.
• I am familiar with “THOUSANDS” of people that have successfully beaten almost all forms of Cancer.
• I extensively studied most data from the following: Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, David Williams, Dr. Sartori, Tony Robbins, Dr. Linus Pauling, Marianne Williamson, , Andrew Weil, M.D., Dr. Julian Whitaker, Life Extension, Michio Kushi, Dr. Joel Wallach, Essence of Life, Dr Udo Erasmus, Suzanne Somers, Edgar Cayce, Dr. T. Colin Campbell-The China Study, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. & former Pres Bill Clinton’s Plant Based “Esselstyn”Diet. I also read MANY specific books on cure of various cancers:
• Confession of a Kamikaze Cowboy by Dirk Benedict - (Star of The ATeam-Battlestar Gallactica, & Charlies Angels).Cured his cancer with a Plant Based Diet.
• Recalled by Life by Anthony J. Sattilaro, MD, former president of Methodist Hospital in Philadelphia where he was diagnosed with severe prostate cancer that had spread to his ribs, bones, brain, right shoulder, & testicles. He lived for 7 years after his curing with a Plant Based Diet.
• The United States ranks # 47 in life expectancy at birth. This is the first generation that will not live as long as the prior generation. We are ranked as the #1 sickest country in the world while spending more per capita for healthcare expenditures that many other countries combined. Only 3% of health care costs are spent on prevention.
• All of these Plant Based Diet studies indicate a 93-99% cancer success rate
• Here are a few examples of this high success rate:
• My KUSHI/VARONA organic Plant Based Diet is endorsed by MANY incl: the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Dean Ornish & a large & growing Medicare approved program attendees.
• Dr. Caldwell B Esselstyn, Jr, former president of the Cleveland Clinic has been on a Plant Based diet for 25 years. He has placed many others on diet with 90%+success.
• Dr. Joseph Crow, Cleveland Clinic, 44, had a severe heart attack with blocked arteries. Went on a plant based diet (- no further heart problems.
• Dr. Neal Pinckney age 58, arteries near closed-main artery, Angina blocked-100%, 90 & -85% others compromised . Cardiologist TOLD him he urgently needed Immediate Bypass surgery or would Die. Father died @ 59 Heart attack. He was experiencing severe pain. Within 2 weeks almost all pain was gone, Started daily walking. 7 mos. Later ran race finished in mid pack 8.2 miles Great Aloha race never ran race before.
• Cancer survivors like the few that I have mentioned are not the norm – “YET” Powerful dollar driven, self-centered, Doctors will NOT accept change easily ! If you will accept change - do the hard work- anything is possible- we are all the same IF you are wiling to change what you have thought was the Way, to Plant Based Diets that are what creates wellness -health & quality of life you may not b ea person as one of the statistics in the sickest country in the world.
• Now I succeeded in building my immune system with a plant based diet i.e. quality nutrition so I then decide to kill any & all remaining cancer cells with a high pH Protocol. A Protocol of Baking Soda & molasses or maple syrup elevated my pH to 8.5 on the 3rd day of a 10 day Protocol.

OK I have all the required quality data to NOW – state the following - Which many of you, as well as me, - may feel is the highlight of the evening:
Anyone with cancer, can survive- IF they go on a quality PLANT BASED DIET with Organic foods -- exercise -- filtered water – deep breathing – green teas – protein from beans, tofu, tempeh, basically my diet & Dirk Benedict’s, Michio Kushi’s, Verne Varona’s, Dr. Sattilaro & MANY others. Dr. Esselstyn’s similar for heart issues. Plant Based Diet.
When people learn to eat a plant based diet they can eliminate heart disease & cancer it could inaugurate a seismic revolution in our health. Other diseases that can be resolved with a plant based diet include: obesity, hypertension, stroke, heart attacks, gall stones, diverticulitis, asthma, osteoporosis, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and a marked decrease in the common western cancers of breast, prostate, colon, endometrial, ovarian, and pancreatic------So says Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, who was a researcher & clinician at the Cleveland Clinic for over 35 years. Great book – “Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease”.
WHY - are we still suffereing from Cancer obesity, hypertension, stroke, heart attacks, gall stones, diverticulitis, asthma, osteoporosis, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lupus, cancers of breast, prostate, colon, endometrial, ovarian, and pancreatic ?

Modern medicine is like trying to diagnose what's wrong with your car by listening to the noises it makes without ever looking inside to see what's going on. Functional alternative medicine allows us to look under the hood. We can't be proud of an interventional and drug therapy, which results in death, inordinate expense, disease progression, and doesn't halt the food-borne epidemic of coronary artery disease.

Basic components of the medical industries brainwashing success:
• No education or awareness of Nutrition/diet or the actual functioning of the human body by the public, (minimize education & ALL other related areas)
• Allow the profit driven unchallenged use of almost any chemicals, preservatives, growth hormones, taste enhancers, drugs, addictive products of almost any type.
• Allow all negative reactions be they sickening-maiming & killing of population, as these illnesses etc create numerous specialists & enormous revenues & profits that allow controlling (lobbying, etc.) of the governmental systems.
It is clear that organic food & certain oriental awareness will allow almost anyone with a disease to conquer it. Clearly genetic issues, use of Drugs & or tobacco, can create challenging issues. The strengthening & efficiency/enhancing of the human immune system is the CRITICAL factor in human health. Populations not making use of USA diet do not have American diseases etc.

Massive & growing DEAD zone in Gulf Mexico as big as Massachusetts, and is linked to nutrients carried to the Gulf by the Mississippi River -- was made bigger by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, scientists said recently.

• Car Gasoline or diesel can’t switch fuels - won’t run
• Align front end or ANY tires wear out
• Excess chemicals in food supply “wearing out” our miraculous immune systems
• Plastics, (more chemicals) everywhere ! Glasses, cups, dishes, food containers, wrappers, bags, containers, food wraps, BOTTLES almost everything is in them - Leach into our immune systems.
• If own & operate a animal for food farm you will produce Cows, chickens, turkeys, pigs as fast as competition OR else you go out of business – How increase size & shorten growing period? Chemicals
• If own & operate 1 acre of land to grow crops You WILL get max yield of crops as your competition OR else you go out of business – How increase size of crop & shorten growing period? Chemicals
• My diet was done by Drs, movie stars written in books 35 years ago - they also beat cancer !
• REMEMBER the medical system makes revenues (LOTS) on sickness, disease, illness, operations, scans, tests, etc.