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Beat Cancer & Stop Heart Attacks

To ALL Cancer sufferers & also those with Heart problems.

• Do what I Don Porter did & you will be me - A Person that beat Stage IV Metasticised Cancer.

• Do what Kirk Benedict (Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy) did & you will be him - A Person that beat Cancer

• Do what Anthony J. Sattilaro, M.D (Recalled By Life) did & you will be him - A Person that beat Cancer

• Do what Dr. Crow of the Cleveland Clinic did ( did with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's Plant Based Diet (similar to mine with sugar allowed) did & you will be him - A Person that beat dangerous Heart issues.
• Do what Dr. Neil Pinkney did
( did with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's Plant Based Diet (similar to mine with sugar allowed) did & you will be him - A Person that beat dangerous Heart issues.

• Do what a group of 18 people with coronary disease who had suffered through 49 heart issues over the past 8 years (including angina, bypass surgery, heart attacks, strokes, and angioplasty), & were given up on by the Cleveland Clinic, & go on Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's Plant Based Diet (similar to mine with sugar allowed) did & you will be - A Person that beat dangerous Heart issues.

• Do what a friend, with 10 year history of cancers including Melanoma with parts of his body removed by Drs. that did exactly what I did & his Drs., after scans & blood tests about 3 months later, told him there s no cancer anywhere even your lymph nodes - A Person that beat Cancer
Rave Diet Eating Dvd With Mike Anderson, Cure Cancer Naturally -
Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease - A GREAT book by: Dr. Caldwell B Esselstyn, Jr, former president of the Cleveland Clinic has been on a Plant Based diet for 25 years. He has placed many others on this Plant Based Diet diet with 90%+success.
• Dr. Joseph Crow, Cleveland Clinic, 44, had a severe heart attack with blocked arteries. Went on a plant based diet (- no further heart problems.
• Dr. Neal Pinckney age 58, arteries near closed-main artery, Angina blocked-100%, 90% & -85% others
compromised. Cardiologist TOLD him he urgently needed Immediate Bypass surgery or he would Die.
Father died @ 59 Heart attack. He was experiencing severe pain. Within 2 weeks almost all pain was gone,
Started daily walking. Then 7 mos. later ran Hawaii race finished in mid pack in 8.2 miles Great Aloha race, never ran a race before.

Meet Dr. Pinckney

Neal Pinckney is a graduate of the University of Southern California and Oxford Univ., where he received his Ph.D. in clinical and educational psychology. He has done post-doctoral work at Stanford Univ. and the Univ. of Vienna. He is Professor Emeritus and former chair of Behavioral Sciences at California State Univ., Sacramento and taught at the Univ. of California, Davis Medical School. He held a private practice in family and individual therapy and psychoanalysis for nearly 30 years. He was psychologist and in-service trainer for the California Highway Patrol for 13 years. He is founder and director of the Healing Heart Foundation.
In 1993, at the age of 58, Pinckney was diagnosed with severe coronary heart disease. His right main artery, the "widow-maker", was 100% blocked and his two major left coronary arteries were 90% and 85% blocked. He was told he needed immediate by-pass surgery or he would soon die, but he didn't have that surgery. Instead, searching the internet for information, he found many scientific articles by Dean Ornish, M.D. and read his best-selling Program for Reversing Heart Disease. Following that program and the writings of John McDougall,M.D., his condition quickly reversed. When he started the program he couldn't even slowly walk around the block without suffering severe chest pain, but only seven months later he finished in the middle of a group of thousands of runners in the 8.2 mile Great Aloha Run. Dr. Ornish's research indicated that people who participated in support groups showed greater improvement, but Pinckney found there were no groups available. After requesting local hospitals to establish one, two centers agreed to start groups, if he would lead them. More than 750 people have now gone through his ten-week free groups, which lead to his best-selling book, the Healing Heart Handbook. In 1997, Dr. Pinckney was invited to be part of the professional staff at Dr. Ornish's residential retreats.
Dr. Pinckney walks 4 miles up and down a steep hill every day before breakfast. He also practices yoga and meditation daily, lifts weights and sometimes bicycles 25 miles. His cholesterol dropped from 372 to 126 and his blood pressure, which was alarmingly high, is now normal. He lost nearly 40 pounds and seven inches from his waistline. He travels around the world, leading support groups, giving talks and cooking demonstrations. He often travels to offbeat places, going on adventure treks where he is 30 or 40 years older than the others in the group. He is living proof that reversing heart disease can be accomplished through lifestyle changes and without surgery.

Important YouTube ---

Friday, October 21, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - A Coming-Overdue Change ?

For those walking from the West Side Highway towards Wall St recently they will likely have encountered several marches uptown to Times Square. Many have accompanied these protesters seeking to seek to determine their messages of frustration. New York City is in the throes of the Occupy Wall Street protests. What has been most noticeable was not the protestors and their signs and chants. It was the amount of police accompanying them. It was a massive show of force by the Police, & frankly many viewed it as scary & overdone.

There have been many talking a lot about this movement, what it means, what it stands for, & what it could lead to. There have been many commentaries about the inevitability of a cultural revolution happening in the U.S. along with other countries. The overuse of Greed, Self Serving, Heavily Chemicalized Foods, GMO's (Monsanto), Raids by "Gestapo like troops", frozen Political process, etc. Most of us were waiting for, or felt this would be happening. Now that it is upon us - How do we make the needed adjustments.

Those that have listened to the folks in Zuccotti Park, the marchers, the various groups & some of the occupants, and do want to understand what is on their mind & what do they want to see happen.

We all understand & sympathize with the basic complaints of the #OWS movement -- that the rich are getting richer and everyone else is getting poorer, Healthcare is a Mess, USA is the sickest country in the world yet spends more for healthcare than most others combined, ranked #47 in longevity, jobs are going overseas & the middle class is shrinking. It is impossible, not to see that in America, along with the staggering worldwide debt mess/disaster waiting to happen everywhere, is in serious trouble.
Our institutions, on every level are failing us. The failing institutions are not limited to Wall Street. They are everywhere; our government (FDA, Congress, Senate, Lobbyists, our overall political leadership, our unions, our health care system, our education system) - The list goes on and on.
And yet, many are optimists. Many see a technology revolution blossomin bringing much needed change to the world. It's not a coincidence that much of the success of the #OWS movement comes from their clever use of technology to organize and get their word out effectively.
So much depends on what we get out of this growing desire for change. It's good that people are getting angry. Whether it be the Tea Party on the right, or the #OWS seemingly on the left, the citizens of the U.S. are clamoring for change. Efficient communications created the rapid collapse of several long standing Mid East regimes & allows for these large group uprisings. Sanitation & food are still challenges & therefore "Pretty" OWS is not.

We would all like to do what we can do to help make sure that change is intelligent, meaningful, & lasting in taking us all forward to a new prosperity, not backward into a false hope for a time that has passed and is not coming back. Organic Farming, Farmers Markets, Less Drug use by Drs., Better Plant Based Diets, Movement to "Buy American Products, less chemicalized foods, greater opportunity for small businesses, & TERM LIMITS in Congress for openers !

Don Porter

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rave Diet Eating Dvd With Mike Anderson, Cure Cancer Naturally

Dr. Esselstyn stops Heart Problems with a Plant based Diet on the Video.
A VERY IMPORTANT YouTube to watch !!!

This Video has saved MANY lives ! If you want to stop heart attacks see this video.

Then watch CNN & Dr, Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Esselstyn along with Bill Clinton, who now weighes his High School weight from being on Dr. Esselsyn's Plant Based Diet!!

If you have a Cancer Issue see My "Beating Stage IV Cancer" You ALL can do what I did Just rely on a Plant Based Diet & Stay away from Chemo & Radiation !!!

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An Astonishing Young Man Sings a STUNNING rendition of John Lennon's Imagine

This is the MOST extraordinary video that I have ever seen What an incredible story of COURAGE, Committment, & Massive Bravery - AGAINST ALL ODDS !

SINGER Emmanuel Kelly is dreaming of a recording career after his moving rendition of a classic peace anthem reduced tough X Factor judges to tears.

Emmanual Kelly, who has survived chemical warfare and is the brother of previously conjoined Bangladeshi twins Krishna & Trishna, wowed Ronan Keating, Spice Girl Mel Brown, Natalie Bassingthwaighte * Guy Sebastian, with his heartfelt performance of John Lennon's Imagine on last night's audition show.
Kelly and his brother Ahmed were adopted from Iraq, both suffering limb deficiencies as a result of chemical warfare. They were abandoned at an orphanage and rescued by Children First Foundation boss Moira Kelly."When I got up and started singing there was nothing else, adrenalin just took over, it was just a blur," Kelly said. "I just want to sing and I want to make people happy."

An emotional Keating was full of praise for Kelly who has progressed to the next round of the competition.

"I don't think I have ever, ever been moved as much as I was by that performance," he said.

Kelly auditioned for Australia's Got Talent last year but did not make it on to the show.

86% of full-time workers have weight, health problems - msnbc

86% of full-time workers have weight, health problems

Oct. 17: A new study from Gallup finds a staggering number of Americans with full-time jobs are overweight or suffering from a chronic medical problem. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

Chemicalized foods to make food:
- Look Good
- Smell Good
- Taste Good
- Be Addictive
- Last a LONG time

ALL of this requires MANY types of harmful colorings, chemicals, Preservatives, ETC.

This Causes Immune Systems to work overtime to neutralize these unnatural ehmicals ! This then allows other aciditic cells to gain a foorhold & we get Cancer somewhere, that the allready overworked immune System can't overcome. So eant mostly a Plant Based Organic Diet !!

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Bill Clinton on Letterman + Dr. Esselstyn

Bill Clinton: Fan of Caldwell Esselstyn Jr MD
Bill Clinton On Letterman
Dr. Esselstyn Conquer Heart Disease

President Bill Clinton appears on David Letterman show

President Bill Clinton has livened up talk shows by playing "Heartbreak Hotel" on the saxophone on Arsenio Hall, admitting the appeal of a "Dancing With the Stars" invitation on Rachael Ray, and chatting with David Letterman about Chelsea Clinton's wedding. On Wednesday night, he returned to the "Late Show" to discuss "A Decade of Difference" concert celebrating his 65th birthday and charitable work, and during the visit he set Letterman up for a joke that had the audience in hysterics.

"One of the best things about Americans is that we don't really resent other people's success," said Clinton. Letterman didn't miss a beat. "Well, what about Leno?" the talk show host demanded.

"There's an exception to every rule," joked Clinton, causing the audience to break into even more laughter. Meanwhile Letterman looked only too pleased to be called out as a model of bad behavior by the former President (or perhaps he was making that joke at Leno's expense, and not his own).
Clinton delivered another friendly dig after Letterman's compliment that he looked "wonderful" and "better than ever."

"When you get to be our age, all you have left is bright clothes and BS," laughed Clinton. "And you've got the corner on the BS."

But clearly the two have a bond that goes beyond jokes. They shared a touching moment during the interview where they both discussed their past heart surgeries (Clinton had quadruple coronary artery bypass surgery in 2004 and Letterman underwent a quintuple bypass surgery in 2000). Clinton gave Letterman healthy diet tips, along with some advice to cut down on chocolate. The two also discussed serious issues such as the economy and trade relations with China, as well as the protestors on Wall Street. "They're going to have to transfer energy to making specific suggestions," advised Clinton, who also said that one of the biggest tools to improve the economy would be more actively resolving the mortgage crisis.

Letterman concluded by complimenting Clinton on both his hair products ("I've got to get the name of your conditioner," he joked) and his charitable work. President Clinton will be the guest of honor at "A Decade of Difference," the upcoming concert celebrating 10 years of the William J. Clinton Foundation. The Hollywood Bowl event will feature performers including Kenny Chesney, Usher, K'naan, Juanes, The Edge and Bono, and Lady Gaga. "In deference to my diet, she'll be going meatless that night," he laughed. Watch the full concert live only on Yahoo! starting at 7 p.m. PT on October 15.

Watch the segment below, courtesy CBS:

Bill Clinton Jokes

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bill Clinton B'Day Party 10-16-11

Saturday was likely the first time in pop music history that a performer made a pass at a former president and his secretary of State spouse at a live concert.

“I just love you and your hot wife,” Lady Gaga said, writhing like a breathy, smitten Marilyn Monroe on the Hollywood Bowl stage mere feet from Bill Clinton, his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and their daughter, Chelsea. Gaga described her life as a screwy embodiment of the American dream in eyebrow-raising language, and she praised the Clintons by promising that “tonight, I thought we’d all get caught up in a little Bill romance.”

And with that she bucked into a Clinton-specific take on “Bad Romance” that left the full house at the Bowl wondering whether this concert celebrating 10 years of the Clinton Foundation’s work to fight disease, poverty and violence had just been scandalized.
The concert, “A Decade of Difference,” doubled as Bill Clinton’s 65th birthday party and brought out a group of activism-inclined singers to fete the initiative and a former president currently on an unexpected tide of nostalgia, based largely on the foundation’s work abroad on a variety of economic and political justice issues and its efforts at combating disease.
Stevie Wonder, Kenny Chesney, the Somali singer K’Naan, Colombian rocker Juanes, Usher and U2’s Bono and the Edge joined Gaga for a four-hour show that felt a bit like a pop music Davos -- a reminder that the big players of geopolitics still look to musicians for a certain vitality and influence.

The ever-luminous Wonder started the night with such soul-funk staples as “Superstition” and “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours),” the latter of which was embraced as President Obama’s ad hoc theme song in the 2008 campaign. Laura Ling, one of two Current TV reporters that Clinton rescued from a North Korean jail in 2009, gave an introductory speech before Chensey’s easygoing acoustic set.

Chesney, one the most low-key guys in country, felt like the exotic one on a stage full of Somalis, Colombians, Irish and globehopping politicians (though Clinton did thank him later for not making him the only guy onstage with a Southern accent).

K’Naan, a very likable singer-songwriter who pulls from reggae, East African jazz and rock balladry, had a rough time onstage, with sound problems that led to a couple of false starts and a clear discomfort in performing (even when Bono came out to duet on a new tune). But his story of turning from child soldier in a war–ravaged country to international pop star still carried the night -- his redemptive single “Wavin’ Flag” won over a Bowl crowd already inclined to uplift.

Juanes had an easier go of it, with the bluesy, dub-infused rock of “La Camisa Negra” lending a bit of muscle to a night full of an earnest global pop. Colombia is a success story of post-Clinton-era economic revival, and Juanes -- a major star throughout the Americas -- is an excellent ambassador for it.

There are few pleasures in concert-going like watching a sitting secretary of State get low to Usher’s tag-team crunk smash “Yeah.” The R&B star’s quick set fulfilled one reviewer’s private hope that Hillary Clinton listened to Lil Jon before planning sanctions on Iran. (And a goofy short film about the Clinton Foundation’s “Celebrity Division” with Ben Stiller, Ted Danson and others planning failed ventures got widespred chuckles).

Bono and the Edge closed out the night with a congenial acoustic set of hits they described as -- “you (shelling) out a million quid for a couple Irish buskers.” As a member of a group known for multimillion-dollar stage rigs, the Edge got laughs for cuing up a few wrong drum loops on his onstage laptop, but a new song about “the mysterious space between a man and a woman” had an enticing promise for a full-band treatment. U2 is perhaps the most activism-oriented band going today, and it acknowledged the particular Irish affection for the Clintons' help in resolving the north-south Troubles, leading to a more peaceable Ireland.

But the night was Gaga’s, even if her kittenish and bawdy set might have made for an interesting ride home from the Bowl in the Clinton caravan. Playing atop what looked like a Nordic tree fort, she dedicating “You & I” to Hillary with some eyebrow-cocking overtones. Even Bill had to admit in a later speech, “I thought I was going to have a heart attack from Gaga on my birthday.”

Where does that lie in the color-coded chart of homeland security threats?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Would Steve Jobs be Alive & Healthy - If He Did What I Did - Beat Cancer with a Plant Based Diet?

Steve Jobs dead at 56, his life ended prematurely by chemotherapy & radiotherapy for cancer

Thursday, October 06, 2011 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews
It is extremely saddening to see the cost in human lives that modern society pays for its false belief in conventional medicine and the cancer industry in particular. Visionary Steve Jobs died today, just months after being treated for cancer with chemotherapy at the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California. In recent months, he appeared in public photos as a frail shadow of his former self. The thin legs, sunken cheek bones and loss of body weight are all classic signs of total body toxicity observed in chemotherapy and radiotherapy patients.

Steve Jobs reportedly underwent both. His chemotherapy treatments at the Standard Cancer Center are now well known (, and his secret radiotherapy treatments in Switzerland have now been made public by former Apple executive Jerry York.
Jerry York confided in Fortune Magazine about Steve Jobs' secret flight to Switzerland to receive radiotherapy treatment for his cancer ( Fortune Magazine kept this secret until Jerry York died in March of 2010 (, after which Fortune Magazine decided its confidentiality agreement with York no longer applied, and it published details about Jobs' secret visits to Switzerland (

Fortune Magazine also repeats another fact about Steve Jobs that rarely appears in the press: Namely, that Steve Jobs underwent a secret liver transplant which raised eyebrows among many who wondered why a member of the wealthy business elite could receive a liver transplant essentially on demand while everybody else had to wait on a long transplant list (

In January of this year, reported:

"Jobs' medical leave is due to cancer, but no one knows whether it stems from his 2004 battle with pancreatic cancer or complications from a secret liver transplant in 2009. According to recently deceased off-the-record source from Apple's Jerry York, Jobs took an unpublicized flight to Switzerland in 2009 to undergo unusual treatment at the University of Basel. Switzerland's University of Basel known for their radiotherapy treatments for neuroendocrine cancer and it's unavailability in the U.S. Experts say Jobs' pancreatic cancer has a history of reappearing and spreading to vital organs at a slow-growing pace, which probably explains the medical leave."

In other words, there is no question that Steve Jobs underwent multiple conventional cancer treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

In the end, however, even Steve Jobs could not overturn the laws of biochemistry. When you poison the human body, the result is the deterioration and eventual shut down of the body. Chemotherapy does not work! This fact should now be obvious, and yet every year, more and more people choose chemotherapy to their own demise -- people like Farrah Fawcett, Peter Jennings, Patrick Swayze, Michael Douglas and many others (

Don't they see that conventional cancer treatments do not work?
Losing Steve Jobs is a loss of a great visionary
It is striking that people who are geniuses in their own fields can understand so little about the fundamentals of human health. Steve Jobs was arguably one of the most influential visionaries of our time, and his development of human-technology interfaces revolutionized modern computing. Had he achieved another twenty years of life -- and lived to 75 -- he would have no doubt contributed to our world in even more profound and positive ways.

Yet his remaining life was stolen from him by the cancer industry and its poisons. This is yet another frustrating example of how the modern medical system harms our society. It steals from us the longevity of visionary individuals who have so much more to offer our world in terms of creativity and innovation.

Of course, you can't blame the cancer industry for causing Jobs' cancer in the first place. Some other cause had to have been present to get the cancer growing -- probably a combination of nutritional deficiencies and exposure to environmental toxins. And yet the cancer establishment says nothing to people about correcting obvious nutritional deficiencies that lead to cancer, even when most cancers can be prevented for mere pennies a day.

The simple combination of vitamin D and selenium, if taken in combination, could probably prevent more than 80% of all cancers in America ( Yet the American Cancer Society and all the mainstream cancer non-profits don't dare advocate vitamin D or selenium. If solutions were readily available to everyone, how would the cancer industry maintain its profitability?
The dark side of Apple
This gets us to the dark side of Apple, because just as the cancer industry is a greed-driven monstrosity that incessantly seeks profits at the expense of others, Apple has increasingly become a corporation that has routinely chosen for-profit domination over public service. This is not so much about Steve Jobs himself as it is about those who surrounded him and ultimately exploited his talents for their own selfish agendas.

Apple iPhones, for example, were recently exposed as secret tracking devices that record your location and upload that data back to Apple headquarters (

By any honest account, Apple operates today with a mindset of total monopolistic domination, requiring apps to be sold through its iTunes, where Apple takes an unfair cut of every sale. In fact, Apple has come to very much resemble the Orwellian Big Brother image that once made it famous in its January 22, 1984 Superbowl ad, which positioned Apple's Macintosh computer as freeing people from tyranny. Watch that ad at:

What's so striking about this commercial is that, in many ways, Apple has become the very thing it once claimed to oppose -- domineering control, automaton conformity, and centralized command over the expression of musicians & programmers alike. The text of the ad says, "On Jan 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you'll see why 1984 won't be like "1984."

Thanks to companies like Apple, 2011 sure is a lot like 1984. A clever response to all this appears in a parody video that pits Steve Jobs in that "1984" video as a way to show that Apple acts more like Big Brother with each passing day:

Anyone who has ever owned an iPhone knows all about being locked into a technology from which there is no free choice to do what you want with it. Why aren't iPhones sold as "unlocked" from the get-go? Why do you have to hack your own phone just to free it from Apple's domineering control? And why does your phone track your every move even without your permission or knowledge?

In fairness, this is almost certainly due to the greedy business types who surrounded Steve Jobs, and not Jobs himself. Jobs always seemed to be more of a humanitarian, but his concepts for innovation inevitably got swept up into the circus of profit.
Live by principle, because that's the only thing you take with you
The more you look into the story of Steve Jobs and Apple, the deeper it all gets. And that brings us back to Steve Jobs and the topic of principles and ethics. All the wealth in the world couldn't save Steve Jobs from cancer, of course.

Here's a question for you: In his final days of life, would Steve Jobs have traded every bit of wealth he owned for a healthy new liver and pancreas? You bet he would! And yet he couldn't. Because it doesn't work that way. When it comes to organ health, there are no second chances. You're given one set of organs to live with, and if you can't figure out how to take care of those with nutrition, healthy foods and avoidance of environmental toxins, all the money in the world can't save you.

Importantly, you don't take money with you when you die, so collecting dollars or cars or even gold is little more than a short-term distraction set in the physical world. What you do take is a karmic record of your actions; a "universal log file" of your principles and ethics, if you will. And that's what matters in whatever experience or reality awaits us beyond this one, whether you believe in Heaven, or reincarnation, or ascension to higher plane of existence.
Was Steve Jobs a positive influence on our world? Yes, I think so
I don't pretend to be qualified to judge Steve Jobs on all his actions here on our planet, but the only honest question in helping to answer that is this: "Is our world better off because of Steve Jobs' influence? Or is it worse off?"

On the whole, I believe Steve Jobs himself was a creative visionary whose talents eventually became co-opted by less-than-ethical corporate interests which operated outside his core intentions. This is precisely the reason why brilliant people should always be wary of "investors" or men wearing suits, because the whole purpose of venture capital is to grant people who don't know how to really create wealth a way to sink their claws into those who do.

This is why I have consistently and successfully resisted all venture capital and buyout attempts targeting NaturalNews. To bring in big money people would destroy the heart and soul of what NaturalNews is all about, in the same way that all the big money people who eventually surrounded Steve Jobs ultimately compromised what was originally an uplifting vision for human freedom and expression.

(Even in the health industry, I can't even tell you all the stories of brilliant, visionary people who have been betrayed by investors and corporate interests. It happens almost 100% of the time.)

The real lesson in Steve Jobs' passing, then, is not "oh wow look at all these cool gadgets he left us" -- because that's the juvenile view -- but rather "what can we learn from Steve Jobs about staying authentic in our own lives and our own decisions?"

What I've learned from Steve Jobs is that staying true to your vision is far more important than being commercially successful or collecting material wealth. Walking a path that gets your face on the cover of business magazines requires too much compromise of ethics and principles. The business community, after all, doesn't usually celebrate real geniuses who share things with the world and make nothing from it. It only celebrates those who find clever ways to extract billions of dollars from the hands of consumers.

In fact, you might even say that the business world actually punishes those who bring real innovation to the world -- people such as free energy inventors, most of which you have never heard about because they ended up mysteriously dead before they could bring their inventions to market. Steve Jobs was celebrated because his innovations were consistent with the culture of mass consumerism and unbridled corporate greed -- buy more computing stuff, and buy it often! That makes investors rich, and that's the name of the game in the business world.

Steve Jobs was celebrated, in other words, not for who he was on the inside, but for all the other people who got rich off him along the way. And that's a shame, because even after his passing, I feel like we never knew the real Steve Jobs at all -- the Steve Jobs who probably wanted to make the world a better place yet repeatedly found his talents being distorted and leveraged for bottom-line profits in a culture of greed that only cares about finding new ways to convince consumers to part with their money.

Steve Jobs may be dead, but the domineering greed of those who extorted his talent lives on. The iPhone 5 will probably be out in a year or so, so we can all throw away our old electronics which end up in a toxic landfill somewhere, and then replace it with new electronics made in a slave labor factory in China. Isn't technology great?

Either way, may Steve Jobs rest in peace. May his name never be used for commercial exploitation again.

Learn more: